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The Innocents: Part Nine

The Innocents: Part Nine

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Wil waited until they’d finished breakfast to explain about the danger; afterward, in the silence, he took her hand. “I just think it would be a good idea for you to stay with your parents. A few days, Leese. Till Zavala’s finished.”

Lisa looked at him. “This is our house, Wil.”

“I know. But this is different, that must be obvious.”

“Nobody can…

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David Roseonfelt: Dates for HOUNDED tour

David Roseonfelt: Dates for HOUNDED tour

David Rosenfelt is doing just a few appearances to support HOUNDED, the latest in his Andy Carpenter series. If none of these are near you, you can contact the stores to reserve a copy. Almost every store is happy to have a copy signed for you.

Andy Carpenter isn’t sure what to think when he gets a mysterious phone call from a good friend, policeman Pete Stanton, asking him to drop everything,…

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James Garner: 1928-2014

Early this morning, word came that James Garner passed away. He was 86. Garner was best known for his portrayal of private investigator Jim Rockford in NBC’s THE ROCKFORD FILES.

Kaplan brings HOMELAND to bookshelves

Kaplan brings HOMELAND to bookshelves

Showtime and William Morrow are continuing to work tto build the HOMELAND brand as they prepare for the release of the second book in the series.

On October 7th, Andrew Kaplan’s HOMELAND: SAUL’S GAME hits the shelves.

HOMELAND: SAUL’S GAME by Andrew KaplanLeading a mission to capture master terrorist, Abu Nazir, CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison discovers a dangerous threat inside the Agency…

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AUTHOR WORK-SPACES: Burcell, Stanley and Loehfelm

AUTHOR WORK-SPACES: Burcell, Stanley and Loehfelm

Robin Burcell

Robin Burcell

Once again we look into the inner sanctum of authors.

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Robin Burcell:
I have two desks. One in the forefront is a treadmill desk (where I will one day install either a standing desk or a properly mounted keyboard. But it works for now!). In the mirror opposite it is my sitting desk. They are literally back-to-back. I move from one to the other quite…

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Shots Fired
C. J. Box
G. P. Putnam’s Sons
July 2014

Author C. J. Box has written formidable novels, fourteen in all. With his latest book, Shots Fired, he has exceptionally ventured into the short story realm. The plot lines vary from adventure to crime procedural to historical. There are ten stories, three of them never published, and four include Box’s main character Joe Pickett, although in…

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Q&A with Daniel Silva

Q&A with Daniel Silva

Like his previous two books, The Heist by Daniel Silva is both a crime mystery and an espionage thriller. This novel begins with a murder investigation surrounding a stolen painting and becomes a quest to hunt down the hidden assets of a Middle Eastern ruler. Once again the hero Gabriel Allon displays his many talents as an art restorer, investigator, and Israeli intelligence operative



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HOMELAND: premiere date, 1st promo for season four

Showtime has announced that season four of HOMELAND will debut on October 5th. The season will find Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) assigned to a volatile and dangerous CIA station in the Middle East.



TNT has renewed three of its summer hits: “The Last Ship,” “Major Crimes” and “Falling Skies.” The cabler has ordered 13 episodes of “The Last Ship,” an increase over its first-season order of 10 episodes. The network is also ordering 15 episodes for season four of “Major Crimes.” And “Falling Skies” will mark its fifth and final season with 10 episodes.

“TNT’s refreshed and recharged drama brand…

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The Innocents: Part Eight

The Innocents: Part Eight

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It was the honking that brought him out of it, forcing him to notice the guy behind him in the jacked-up stepside. The driver was gesturing at the car’s length that had opened up, leaning out now, yelling loud enough for Wil to hear.

“Fuckin’ car phones. Move your ass, goddammit.”

Beating back the impulse to stay on the line, Wil killed the…

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